Tech 21 XDI Instrument/Computer Interface

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The ultimate instrument interface for computer sound cards, the SansAmp PSA-1 Plug-In for ProTools®, and mixing consoles. Its intelligent design features advanced, low noise F.E.T. technology to provide a natural, transparent guitar signal into your computer.

There are real 1/4” inputs, not fragile micro-jacks. They are high impedance 1MOhm, faithful to the original design of traditional tube amplifiers, and the Bright input simulates the EQ curve found in tube amps with bright inputs. There are also two outputs. A balanced XLR and a 1/4” low Z, which eliminates the need for an XLR converter for sound cards that accept an unbalanced output.

SansAmp XDI also functions as a standard transparent active direct box to preserve signal integrity when transmitting a signal over long cable lengths.

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