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Flawless collaboration! Same day shipping | Tortex Flow


Flawless collaboration! Same-day delivery on phone order. Highly recommended.

Giorgos Kourelis

Genuine Interest towards the Customer | Ellipse Aura


Impeccable and prompt service with genuine interest towards the customer and not only to sell something!!! My friend, at this point, Sotiris, is the man every musician needs to get the job done!!! I thank him so much!!


Dunlop torsion block unit

In a few words, Mr. Sotiris is the best at his job. I happened to be looking for a spare part for a Dunlop Crybaby that I never thought I would find (torsion block) and I was particularly impressed by his kindness and willingness to help and from the first moment we communicated, it was as if I had known him for years. Finally, the spare part was ordered from America and it was actually found with various other things I bought as Soto Onstage has a very wide variety of many items. Very professional, very polite and one of the best people I’ve ever had to deal with about anything.

Dimitris Laganas

Soros on stage 😉


Excellent service and value for money, from a wide variety and selection. Extra high quality instruments and accessory products, necessary for the professional, as well as the amateur musician, to maintain a definitive level of quality gear and equipment.

Thanks, Sotiris, for your wisdom and kindness

Prokopis Kranidiotis

Many Congratulations !! Well done…!!

Experience, technical training, humanity, generosity..!!
Well done…!!
I wish you to always be healthy and creative !!
Au revoir.

Iosif Karavanos

Excellent Service


I ordered equipment for the guitar I’m building. The service I received was above and beyond. Professionalism, courtesy, fast delivery and interest until the package arrives. Everything was packed in an exceptional way and the sweet surprise inside the package as well as guitar picks and stickers, sent as a gift, made me very happy. Highly recommend the store. I will certainly continue to buy the equipment I need from here. Thank you.

Tsviki Messing

Fishman Fluence Classic Humbuckers

Excellent communication: Sotiris, friendly and willing to assist in any way. Excellent product: raising the humble guitar I set up to an unimaginable sonic height even in comparison to much more expensive instruments. Impressive clarity even using a lot of gain or even fuzz (noise nowhere to be found), immediate response upon contact with a pick or fingers and endless sound options with the 3 voicings available on each pickup. Everything necessary for the conversion was inside the box, all that was needed extra was a bit of wire..

George Davarinos

Immediacy and Professionalism


The title says it all. From the moment of the initial communication to the moment of delivery of the order, you feel an absolute certainty. I’ve been 100% satisfied with all purchases, past and present . Sotiris is a special case of a man with willingness, understanding, professionalism, humor and above all humane. Thanks for all Soto!

John Kapiris

Fishman Acoustic Matrix Piezo Element

Thanks for the immediate response and assistance! The love for what you do is apparent!

Kostas Papageorgiou

I can only say flawlessly! Voodoo Lab PPAV


I can only say flawlessly and thank you. Prompt response, speedy and very personal service. Thank you so much, Sotiris.

PS. Too bad the store is not so well known. If I wasn’t looking for something very specific I don’t know how easily I would find it

Giannis An.

Tusq XL Nut and String Trees Kit


Found this supplier whilst looking for replacement parts for my guitar
A great experience from start to finish
Although it was a small purchase, I was kept informed throughout the process
The item arrived on time, well packaged and was exactly what I expected
Now fitted, it has transformed the harmonic sound of my guitar
Thanks for a great service!

William Berrisford

Impeccable Service!

MHB-SK2 Set_Modern_HumbuckingBlack_Nickel

I am always completely satisfied. Sotiris is not only an impeccable professional, but also a very good person.

Geo Nikiteas

Excellent and friendly service!


Excellent and friendly service!

Ioannis Moschos

Guitar Parts & Accessories


Very good service, reasonable prices and very good quality parts.
A business which I would highly recommend.


Ebow purchase

Excellent professionals.
Immediate dispatch of the parcel, which came into my possession after just one day with gift guitar picks and stickers. Excellent packaging.

From the brief communication with Sotiris, it seems that he is a well-trained professional and especially kind person.

The prices are indeed the best on the market. 5/5

Sotiris Kittas

Impeccable Staff


Very good and fast service from Soto Onstage & crew until late into the day !! Thank you! 👌👌

Ilias Papailias

Soto himself, worships music.

Soto himself worships music while, at the same time, respecting the musician. He is a professional with artistry. Flawless service.

Giorgos Spanos

Very good service. Excellent quality products!

Very good service and excellent quality products!


Excellent shop | quality products | hospitable. Highly recommended!

Excellent shop with very good and quality products and a welcoming atmosphere. Highly recommended!!!


Fishman Fluence Single Coil Set

Sotiris is amazing…really…how amiss are people who really love their work today…true love for what they do, reflects in the provision of their services..Thank you very much!

Μαυρίδης Χαράλαμπος

Excellent collaboration with Sotiris.

Excellent collaboration with Sotiris. The best prices in Europe!!

Μανώλης Καδίτης

Excellent product selection and friendly service.

I discovered Soto Onstage while looking for George L’s cables. Its owner, Sotiris, Klotsonis, made an excellent impression on me. Friendly, helpful and fast. It goes without saying that this store is now among my top choices for future purchases.

Σαπαλίδης Κώστας

Got a Set of Fishman Fluence Bass Pickups

Got a set of Fishman Fluence Bass pickups from them.
Great and speedy service by an extremely friendly and knowledgeable staff. Price for the pups was great too!

Thanks for everything Soto!

Rindra Rado

They love what they do, clearly and with a difference

Excellent service. The order came directly. They contacted me personally and the feeling I got was that, on the one hand they are connoisseurs of their work, on the other, that they have a special love for what they do.

I thank them and wish them all the best!

Χρήστος Μπαλούκας

Super satisfied!

My favorite shop for guitar stuff and Mojo! !

Δημήτρης Νίτης

Very good service, wide variety of products.

Very good service and a wide variety of products!

Elias Romanos

Quality. Service. Connoisseurs. Willing.

Floyd Rose Patsiou

Very good quality of products, prompt service, product connoisseurs, ready to help with any potential problem!

Christina Patsiou

Sansamp Bass Driver V2 by Tech 21 NYC

The best prices on the best products and perfect service. Thank you so much for the presents as well ..!!

Thodoris Perperis

Impeccable and fast service

Very good communication, responsive shipment. Thank you very much for everything.

Stelios Tafis

I have only good words to say

I have only good words to say about my “acquaintance”, via the internet, with the company and the fast service provided. Thanks for everything.

Stelios Tafis

Attentive even to the smallest of value sales

The fact that he pays so much attention even to the smallest of value sales may be the most competitive advantage in a market that has trained the customer in listening to “bull” and eating hey. The accompanying goodies to the order were also quite a nice touch. Bravo.
Well done.
Pouliassis Kostas

Fast and courteous service

Quick delivery of products with email updates during the order process. I’m already re-ordering a few extra cables I previously forgot!

Giorgos G

One of the Best Guitar Related Shops in the E.U.

One of the best guitar related shops in EU. It’s always a pleasure to deal with, since you get alot of support, excellent prices and great products. Old school, very friendly service and pretty fast shipping contribute to a great and rare experience. Highly recommended seller! AAAAA+++++

Leonidas Vatavalis

Fishman Fluence Classic humbuckers

Incredible guitar pickups that combine the classic PAF sound together with a more scooped overdriven tone (raised low mids and bass) and at the same time can simulate a single coil pickup, all, with the electronic components supplied in the package. Also to point out the prompt service and professionalism of the particular store which offers these guitar pickups at the best price on the market.

Paris Paraskeuopoulos

Impeccable, kind and helpful!!!!!! Highly recommended!

Impeccable, kind and helpful!!!!!! Highly recommended! 😉

Thanasis Spinos

Great Service

Great service, human contact (important) and excellent quality in everything (packing, material condition, etc.). Opening a package and finding a bunch of other additional goodies??? priceless value!!! Sotiris thank you!!! You made my day!!! Au revoir!!!🤘🤘🤘




Tassos Kolias

I am a fan for life. Thank you!

The service experience was truly homely and endearing.
I am a fan for life.
Thank you
Thank you and
Thank you again Soto

Thean Kotze