Soto Onstage distributes in Greece the companies Fishman, Tech 21, Voodoo Lab, Allparts, Dunlop, Graph Tech, Godlyke, Ebow, George L’s and other musical products for electric guitar, bass and other modern, classical and traditional instruments.

A Message of Love regardless of Creed Color Gender Race

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Warm Wishes | Christmas 2021 :))

Christmas 2021 Warm Wishes, all inside the video :))

Messenger Service | Website | Soto Onstage

In our continuous effort for improved services, we would like to inform you that in each product window, bottom right, on our website, we have […]

Fishman Fluence electric guitar pickups presentation

Οι μαγνήτες ηλεκτρικής κιθάρας Fishman Fluence έχουν κερδίσει τις εντυπώσεις μουσικών και οργανοποιών σε όλο τον κόσμο χάρη στον πρωτοποριακό σχεδιασμό τους, τη μεγάλη ποικιλία […]

Customer Reviews

Flawless collaboration! Same day shipping | Tortex Flow


Flawless collaboration! Same-day delivery on phone order. Highly recommended.

Giorgos Kourelis

Genuine Interest towards the Customer | Ellipse Aura


Impeccable and prompt service with genuine interest towards the customer and not only to sell something!!! My friend, at this point, Sotiris, is the man every musician needs to get the job done!!! I thank him so much!!


Dunlop torsion block unit

In a few words, Mr. Sotiris is the best at his job. I happened to be looking for a spare part for a Dunlop Crybaby that I never thought I would find (torsion block) and I was particularly impressed by his kindness and willingness to help and from the first moment we communicated, it was as if I had known him for years. Finally, the spare part was ordered from America and it was actually found with various other things I bought as Soto Onstage has a very wide variety of many items. Very professional, very polite and one of the best people I’ve ever had to deal with about anything.

Dimitris Laganas

Soros on stage 😉


Excellent service and value for money, from a wide variety and selection. Extra high quality instruments and accessory products, necessary for the professional, as well as the amateur musician, to maintain a definitive level of quality gear and equipment.

Thanks, Sotiris, for your wisdom and kindness

Prokopis Kranidiotis

Many Congratulations !! Well done…!!

Experience, technical training, humanity, generosity..!!
Well done…!!
I wish you to always be healthy and creative !!
Au revoir.

Iosif Karavanos