Voodoo Lab PIPK επτά καλώδια ρεύματος

Pedal Power ISO-5 Standard Replacement Cable Pack

Seven (7) of the most commonly used cables with the Pedal Power ISO-5.

  • Part # PPBAR-R – Four cables with 2.1mm right angle barrel center negative plugs – 18 in/46 cm
  • Part # PPBAR-R24 – One cable with 2.1mm straight & right angle barrel center negative plugs – 24 in/61 cm
  • Part # PPL6-R – One cable with 2.1 mm right angle barrel plug and a 2.5mm right angle barrel center positive plug – 18 in/46 cm
  • Part # PPMIN-R – One cable with a 3.5mm right angle mini tip positive plug and a 2.1 mm right angel barrel plug – 18 in/46 cm

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