Tech 21 XXLG Guitar Overdrive Stomp Box


Tech 21 XXL Guitar

Obese, megalithic, dynamic distortion is what it’s all about. The XXL’s Warp™ control manipulates the structure and balance of odd and even harmonics and influences their relativity to the dynamics of your instrument and your playing style. Translation:  you can achieve a variety of results, even within the same setting, depending on the manner and force of your pick attack. Originally in production from 1995-2000, some guitar players considered the XXL a little too over-the-top(!). Oddly enough, certain bass players seemed to like it just fine. So we decided to split the atom and try to make both camps happy.

The restructured guitar version features a very musical Tone control that shifts the center frequency of the high cut from 10kH to 1kH, which maintains the mid-range without getting muddy.

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