Tech 21 SansAmp Character VT Bass Deluxe αναλογικός προενισχυτής μπάσου







The Deluxe version of the SansAmp VT Bass features a combination of a warm, all-analog signal path and convenient digital recall. There are 6 program locations and dual inputs for two instruments to be on-line, ready to go. Create three custom tones for each input or use all six locations for a single instrument. And you can program the FX loop to engage your favorite effect each time a so-designated preset is selected. Super simple to operate, changes can easily be made on the fly –without having to refer to the owner’s manual. You just turn the knobs to a setting you like, double click on a footswitch and it’s saved in that channel. You can custom tweak and program six of your personal sounds, from vintage clean to gnarly overdrive to crushing distortion. Actual size: 9-7/8″L x 5-1/4″W x 2-1/4″H.

Programmable version of the VT Bass. Pre-Amp & DI with 6 programs, FX Loop, 100% analog signal path.
Phantom power operable, or uses 9V alkaline battery (not included) or optional DC power supply Tech 21 Model #DC4-A (or #DC2, which has been discontinued but is still compatible).

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