• Gauges (MM): 1.10, 1.18, 1.38MM
  • High quality material
  • Molded tactile gripping surface
  • Small, broad grip with three tips to provide a variety of tones for player preference

With a huge, cult-like following world-wide, the Jazz series of picks have become the favorite choice for guitar players to take their technical playing to the next level. Guitar virtuosos such as Eric Johnson, John Petrucci, Alexi Laiho and Joe Bonamassa rely on the Jazz III because of its quick release molded edge and sharp tip. Available in warm sounding Red Nylon or Black “Stiffo” that features a bright attack.

Tip Styles/Gauge:
– Jazz I Round-1.10mm
– Jazz II Semi-1.18mm
– Jazz III Sharp-1.38mm

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