ALLPARTS TP3640-001 Bigsby® B5 Vibrato Tailpiece Polished Aluminum


Bigsby® B5 vibrato tailpiece with tension bar in original polished Aluminum. Designed for flat top solid body electric guitars such as Gibson® Les Paul Special®, SG®, Rickenbacker® 325, and Fender® Telecaster®.

Frame is 4-1/4″ long x 3-5/8″ wide.
2-1/16″ between rear mounting screws.
2-3/4″ between front mounting screws.

Approximate weight 286 grams / 10.1 oz.
Overall length 4.75 inches / 120.7mm
Overall width 3.75 inches / 95.3mm

Includes the following parts:
BP-0405-005 – Spring for Bigsby
BP-5706-001 – Bigsby® hardware Set
BP-0705-001 – Bigsby® Tremolo Arm

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